Is This Giant Soviet Era Hovercraft China's New Access Weapon Of Choice?

Whether it be the massive Typhoon Class ballistic submarines, or the menacing Kirov Class Battle Cruisers, the USSR of the 1980s tended to prefer their military hardware massive. When it comes to hovercraft, the Zubr Class landing craft air cushion (LCAC) is no different, and it is now being reborn as China's ultimate… » 7/27/14 4:15pm Yesterday 4:15pm

ATC was totally in the right here, I don't want to be flying on that pilot's aircraft do you? Even if ATC was mistaken, which I doubt he was, it is his job to control movements within his area of responsibility, not the pilots. Good video Paul. » 7/27/14 2:07pm Yesterday 2:07pm

Watch These Canadian Commandos Storm An Airliner Full Of Passengers

Sunwing Airliners Flight 772, a 737 with 183 passengers on-board, was only about 45 minutes into its trip from Toronto to Panama when a bomb threat was made by a passenger. What followed was an F-16 escort and a Royal Canadian Mounted Police special tactics team storming the aircraft upon landing, screaming 'heads… » 7/26/14 1:47am Saturday 1:47am

The 90s Camero was said to be very hard for Cops to get a return on without a plate and if they were black in color. The black paint absorbed some radar and energy and the cares highly raked front end led to errant returns. This may have been rumor but a cop told me. » 7/25/14 10:29pm Friday 10:29pm

Seattle Police Investigate "Drone Strike" On Space Needle

'Drone' really is such a stupid term for what was reported to be a hobbyist quadcopter with a small camera attached. None-the-less, earlier today, visitors to the Seattle Space Needle said such a craft was hovering up around the observation deck when it supposedly impacted the iconic structure. It then flew back to… » 7/24/14 7:25pm Thursday 7:25pm

Elite F-14 Flight Officer Explains Why The Tomcat Was So Influential

We sat at the end of the runway, our F-14's GE-110 motors humming, awaiting our clearance to begin what would be the last F-14 Demonstration ever. The Air Boss's voice crackled over the radio: "Tomcat Demo, you're cleared to five miles and 15k feet. The air show box is yours" At that very moment, I distinctly remember… » 7/24/14 12:00pm Thursday 12:00pm

Check Out This Shotgun Silencer That Actually Works

The Cohen Brothers hit No Country For Old Men featured one of the best villains in modern times played by bowl cut wearing Javier Berdem. As a hitman, his weapons of choice were a cattle killing air compressor and a shotgun with a suppressor. After much internet debate as to such a suppressor's size and effectiveness,… » 7/23/14 5:26pm Wednesday 5:26pm

Watch An Active Protection System Destroy An RPG Fired At Israeli Tank

We have discussed Active Protection Systems many times before, but it is another thing seeing one work operationally. The video below depicts a Merkava IV tank being fired on in Gaza by an RPG, with Trophy intercepting and destroying the explosive projectile before it could plow through the tank's side armor. » 7/23/14 1:15pm Wednesday 1:15pm

Gaza Rockets & Missile Countermeasures: Warzone Flying Is Dangerous

After a rocket fired from Gaza landed near Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport, US Airways, Delta and United have all cancelled flights into Israel, with one aircraft diverting mid-flight to Paris. The events of last week have reminded carriers just how deadly flying even high above an embattled areas can be. » 7/22/14 3:50pm Tuesday 3:50pm

Watch This Guy Haul Off One Of MH17's Black Boxes

It's amazing how much candid video we are getting out of a rebel controlled rural war zone in Eastern Ukraine. In the video below, we see a guy cart off one of MH17s Black Boxes. » 7/20/14 7:13pm 7/20/14 7:13pm